JupyterLite: Jupyter ❤️ WebAssembly & Python

JupyterLite is a JupyterLab distribution that runs entirely in the web browser, backed by in-browser language kernels.

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Browser-based Interactive Computing

  • Python kernel backed by Pyodide running in a Web Worker
    • Initial support for interactive visualization libraries such as altair, bqplot,
      ipywidgets, matplotlib, and plotly
  • JavaScript and P5.js kernels running in an IFrame
  • View hosted example Notebooks and other files, then edit, save, and download from the
    browser’s IndexedDB (or localStorage)
  • Support for saving settings for JupyterLab/Lite core and federated extensions
  • Basic session and kernel management to have multiple kernels running at the same time
  • Support forCode Consoles

Ease of Deployment

  • Served via well-cacheable, static HTTP(S), locally or on most static web hosts
  • Embeddable within larger applications
  • Requires no dedicated application server much less a container orchestrator
  • Fine-grained configurability of page settings, including reuse of federated

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