Looking for Jupyter Notebook deployment list

Hi! I am new to Jupyter Notebook. We are currently trying to deploy Jupyter Notebook on our lab website and therefore looking for some real-world examples. Is there a gallery of Jupyter Notebook deployments like the similar one for JupyterHub (A Gallery of JupyterHub Deployments — JupyterHub 2.2.2 documentation)?

Looking forward to your reply! Help-wanted! Highly appreciated!

Unfortunately, this can mean two, wildly different things:

  • running the jupyter notebook python server as part of a website
  • using executed, but then static .ipynb files as part of a website
  • getting a “notebook-like” experience as part of a website

The first is… a lot harder, and generally is more appropriate to use JupyterHub. The notebook server, and underlying kernels, exist for the sole purpose of allowing interactive computing… or as security folk refer to it, “remote code execution,” (RCE) which is generally considered a Very Bad Thing. The closes thing to this for production might be voila which removes some of the danger… but could still fall over pretty hard.

The next is fairly straightforward: many website-building tools like nikola support notebooks as input natively, or others via plugin, like sphinx. This means you can run a build, get out a bunch of html and js files, upload them to a host, and you’re done. For certain, special cases, there’s even nbviewer, which you can self-host, and configure to only load certain files.

The latter is somewhere in-between: jupyterlite emulates much of the underlying jupyter server, and the kernels it manages, in the browser. Heavy network usage, data sets over 100mb, or processes that need Gb of RAM aren’t going to work, but a lot of stuff will. This deploys mostly like the previous option, as most static sites allow a way to just re-host HTML, though we’re starting plugins for e.g. sphinx. This is being used on e.g. numpy.org and Project Jupyter | Try Jupyter

Good luck!