Can we implement jupyter notebook in my website's webpage

Is there a way where I can implement/embed jupyter notebook in my website’s webpage, so that the client can run a code and get output. I did explore voila jupyter which is not my use case also tried through git pages which is kinda different from my use case. I wanna implement like kaggle notebook where one can code and get output (need similar to this Kaggle Code).
Can someone help me out.

Still fairly experimental, jupyterlite in an iframe is probably the least-invasive way to embed JupyterLab/REPL/RetroLab (which will be Notebook 7) in another website. As everything (including kernels compiled to WASM) runs in the user’s browser after being served from any HTTPS server, there is no need for all of the defense-in-depth approaches of a running, server-side Jupyter kernel, server or JupyterHub backend, which usually involves containers, VMs, or both. However, one probably won’t be doing kaggle-level compute, as there are a number of hard limits on what the browser can do.

For deeply embedding within a specific site, there are a number of approaches for moving content back and forth: generally one would plan on building a custom extension which can impact both the “server” (that handles the REST API and websockets usually done on a real server) and the client, which can actually change the DOM on the page, including deep theming options.


When we are trying to deeplink jupyterhub in our website , we are using custom authenticator for a seamless experience. But custom authenticator is not getting invoked. We set all parameters, it is not showing any error as well…any pointer will help us to resolve this