JupyterLite Community Workshop 2022 [Paris] - Report

A Jupyter Community Workshop focused on JupyterLite and Python in the browser (Pyodide, Emscripten Forge, PyScript) took place in Paris on December 7, 8 and 9 2022: Jupyter Community Workshop: JupyterLite | by Sylvain Corlay | Nov, 2022 | Jupyter Blog

We had around 20 people per day attending in-person as well as a couple of remote participants. Thanks to all the attendees!

During the event we took some notes on this shared Hackmd: JupyterLite Community Workshop 2022 [Paris] - HackMD

The notes have now been posted as a discussion on the JupyterLite repository: JupyterLite Community Workshop 2022 [Paris] - Report · Discussion #920 · jupyterlite/jupyterlite · GitHub.

@choldgraf also wrote a nice report on his blog: Report from the JupyterLite workshop: WebAssembly is pretty cool — Chris Holdgraf

Happy reading!



Thanks for sharing this report with others @jtp! And thanks for all of the work you and others put into organizing!

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For reference there is now a summary post about the workshop on the Jupyter Blog on Medium: Report on the JupyterLite Community Workshop 💡 | by Jeremy Tuloup | Jan, 2023 | Jupyter Blog

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