JupyterHub, Binder workshop in Oslo, Sept. 5-8

Update: city and date set: September 5-8, Oslo, Norway

Simula has an opportunity to host a workshop on JupyterHub and/or BinderHub in Oslo, Norway in September, 2019. This is pretty soon!

The first question is who can/would be interested in coming, knowing that there can be some funding available for travel?

The second question is what should be the focus?

Two broad categories: an outward-facing community workshop with topics like:

  • help contributing to JupyterHub/BinderHub/repo2docker
  • best practices for reproducibility / building your own binder
  • deploying your own binderhub/jupyterhub (e.g. the amazing Binder-on-Azure-button :rocket:)

Or are more internally-focused sprint focused on new features/improvements, such as:

We could potentially try to do both if there are enough folks interested and available. Since this is pretty soon, let’s try to gauge interest and availability and put together a plan fairly soon. If you’d like to / can join for the community workshop, maybe tag with :handshake:. For the sprint, use :running_woman:, or post comments and questions below.

If we time it right, early September can be prime berry picking season, so a walk in the forest to harvest blueberries (or tyttebær/lingon) can be an option for folks who need a break :strawberry:.


I’d be happy to spend a few days trying to create a similar button-push system for GKE based on this repo: https://github.com/nicain/binder-deploy :handshake: :running_woman:

And the Cloud Run button for GKE: https://cloud.google.com/run/
This repo looks like a better explanation, and it seems very similar to Azure!: https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/cloud-run-button


I think that would be wonderful. I’ll be in London from Sept 7 to 14. If the workshop falls on either side of these dates, I would be happy to extend my trip.

I would love to see the amazing Binder on Azure button on Google (@sgibson91 yay! ) and AWS if possible. Along the same thinking, the Awesome Bar functionality would be a big user “win”. Followed by performance (user impact) and then API refactor.


The weekend around 7th September would be ok for me. Week before I am at a summer school telling people about Binder.

For me (and my low vacation day budget) making use of the weekend days would be helpful, despite it being the weekend which isn’t for working.

My ranking would be sprint then community workshop mostly driven by the fact that the former sounds like it would be less prep work and there are many Binder’ians(?) I’ve never met in person. Fixing that is a prime reason to go somewhere in person with a small-ish group.

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Up voting the 7th and actually meeting you all :slight_smile:

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:handshake: all the dates in september is okay as far as i can tell at the moment :sunny:

Just replying here to keep updated, and to ask if aspiring Binderards who want to become real Binderers are welcome, too.


:point_up_2:t3:what @nuest said. I’d love to join if possible


@nuest and @trallard you are absolutely welcome!

This is sounding great! Maybe let’s aim for around Sept. 7, perhaps ~September 5-8 so we have a couple of weekend days for folks who have trouble taking weekdays off, and a couple of weekdays for folks who have the inverse problem (usually me), and hopefully gives @willingc a chance to make it on the way to London. I believe this is also approximately perfect berry-picking time. Does that work for folks?

I am 100% okay making this “just bring folks together and we’ll do some work,” or we can try to come up with a more formal agenda.

I can also probably provide some space at Simula for folks who want to stick around an extra couple days on either side in a non-workshop capacity, though I’m not in the office five days a week right now. If anyone’s planning to spend more than the official days in town (or in the forest), let me know and I’ll help you out.

I’ll start looking for an available venue. We can always use Simula, but Fornebu is not a very exciting place to be on the weekend and I think I can afford something better, if I can find it.


This all sounds amazing @minrk :grin:


Nods, I’m sold :slight_smile: and need to post at least 20 characters because otherwise the forum won’t let me post

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I will do my best to make what I can. I’ve got 3 international trips in the weeks before this. I’ll decide when the details firm up. The berries are a wonderful motivator for me :wink: So would a baby cameo :smiley:


@minrk Any update on this, or shall I just assume it’s happening? Need to make travel arrangements for another trip in the same week…

Yes! This is happening. I’ll make a sign-up form for folks to register and am currently in search of a good venue.


Please mark your availability on these dates by the end of July: http://whenisgood.net/oslo-jupyter-2019 so that I know how much space I need to book.

I will come back with a venue once I have more concrete numbers and who’s here on Saturday and Sunday vs Thursday and Friday. Currently looking at this excellent location, which is lovely and relatively quick to downtown, or this one, which is further from Oslo, but in a very nice location if folks want to be a bit more secluded (and very close to where I live!).

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I’d love to join (Oslo sounds beautiful), but I think I’ll have to miss it this time :frowning: This is the last week of our internship program at Cal Poly, so I’ll be helping our interns wrap up.

I’m bummed to miss y’all, but have a wonderful meeting! I’ll catch you next time! :slight_smile:

I booked my flights :flight_departure:!

Arriving Friday morning around 9am at Oslo airport, leaving Monday evening around 7pm.


I know it is very late to respond but I want to say that this workshop sounds very interesting. I would really like to be there but unfortunately the date doesn’t fit. Hopefully next time :slight_smile:

Hey :wave: Since this meeting is roughly 2 weeks before RSE Con UK, would there be space in the agenda for me to practice my workshop introduction talk? It’s only 30 mins long and it’d be great to get some feedback from other Binder experts :smile: Totally fine if we want to focus more on hacking though!


I’d be happy to listen to a 30min talk and help improve it!

Shame you can’t make it @bitnik :frowning: maybe we should do more of these?