Why does my jupyter notebook look different from normal

So I’ve just installed jupyter notebook in a new conda environment using ‘pip3 install jupyter’. I’ve done it before on a different environment but it looks different now for some reason

Here’s the difference in the versions:
IPython : 8.11.0
ipykernel : 6.21.2
ipywidgets : 8.0.4
jupyter_client : 8.0.3
jupyter_core : 5.2.0
jupyter_server : 2.3.0
jupyterlab : 3.6.1
nbclient : 0.7.2
nbconvert : 7.2.9
nbformat : 5.7.3
notebook : 6.5.2
qtconsole : 5.4.0
traitlets : 5.9.0

IPython : 8.18.1
ipykernel : 6.27.1
ipywidgets : 8.1.1
jupyter_client : 8.6.0
jupyter_core : 5.5.0
jupyter_server : 2.12.1
jupyterlab : 4.0.9
nbclient : 0.9.0
nbconvert : 7.12.0
nbformat : 5.9.2
notebook : 7.0.6
qtconsole : 5.5.1
traitlets : 5.14.0

Could someone let me know how to get it to the normal version? As it’s missing some features…

The key difference in the ‘new’ list is there in line with your title:

Notebook 7+ is built on top of JupyterLab components and so it is more modern and has additional features & abilities. The developers have endeavored to keep the same functionality; however, sometimes it is accessed in different ways than before and some of the functionality is still being made to be consistent.
If you want the older interface, you are looking for NbClassic.

See my answer here to ‘New Jupyter Notebook Interface’ for more about how the ecosystem has changed in the last few months so that you can consider your options from an informed perspective.


would you agree that it looks like some “legacy” version of jupyter? When I first openend it I thought I had mistakingly installed an old version. It is very ugly.

The new version of Jupyter notebook doesn’t display all the numbers i.e

sns.heatmap(df.corr(), annot=True)
plt show()

The annot doesn’t display in the plot

@Edifon_Jimmy This is almost certainly unrelated to the new version of Notebook, but to the version of packages (seaborn/matplotlib) that you have installed or differences in the code being executed. Notebook does not control the details of plot outputs.

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Ok please what do you suggest i do? I will send a screenshot of the problem

I would suggest checking with an older version of seaborn/documentation/issue list first to see if that could be due to a change in searborn. This forum may not be best suited for debugging this.

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