Jupyter Notebook Menu missing options

Hi I’m new to coding -
Installed jupyter notebook in Visual Studio code terminal -
Pip install jupyter
jupyter notebook --version, the output is 7.0.2.
I launch the notebook from the terminal with the following command - jupyter notebook

However the menu options when I open a new notebook are depicted in the screenshot below
Insert, cell, widgets are missing. Can you pl advise why? I even tried upgrading the jupyter version in the terminal but it says the latest is installed. I am trying to learn jupyter from a course which has the menu options noted as missing on my end

What kind of computer and OS are you using?

You might try installing jupyter in a virtual environment.

The version of Jupyter Notebook you have installed is not missing options. V7 appears as it should on your machine in the screenshot you’ve included.
You are looking for NbClassic, or possibly one of the earlier Classic Notebook v6 versions, if you want an exact match to the interface you see in the video, which was probably recorded before more current developments. For more about the current state of the Jupyter ‘document-centric’ ecosystem see here for my answer to much the same question and references therein.

Hi defjaf, I’m using iMac, Mac OS Monterrey 12.2.1. I guess I’ll have to understand what a virtual environment is and then give it a shot. Thx a ton!

Thx a ton fomightez/Wayne! This is awesome. My first instinct was that the versions were different, even tried googling but w/o luck, so I asked the question to the author of the video but he didn’t have any answers. But your comment/links are eye opening and reveal it all!
I guess if version 6 is EOL & v7 the latest one it might be worthwhile to stick with v7. I am assuming they have incorporated the options under the menu options in v6 in some form under V7.
Thx so much again!

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All the abilities of the older versions are there. You just work with or invoke them differently. (Here’s a recent post pointing out some of the newer details vs the older routes at this time.) And so it may take a bit of looking around to translate the steps done in the video you are following. Feel free to post here again if you get stuck in doing that.

One of the biggest differences will be in what is supported by extensions. That will improve over time. For example, a Table of Contents is now built in, see here and the original post in that thread. That used to be one of the unofficial contributor authored notebook features that you could add, see here. Now you get that and other advances built in.

That is probably the best idea as someone starting in Jupyter now.
And if later you decide you want something that is more along the line of a full-featured interactive development environment experience, you can try JupyterLab. It has a single document mode you can toggle into and out of, too.

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Thx you!!! I promise to do as much homework as I can before taking your time. :pray:

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Is the video publicly available? It would be interesting to see what they cover, and could help address differences between v6 and v7 such as:

It’s a paid course from Udemy jtp. The course is titled " [Prompt Engineering for Data Analysis Python, Pandas, ChatGPT], (https://www.udemy.com/course/chatgptandpython/)"
I do wish they had maintained a seamless UX between the versions, would have saved me a lot of time!