Help wanted: no 'save' button nor 'file' menu item

Hi there, I’m quite a jupyter noob but I have been writing some notebooks before. Now I miss the save icon and the file menu:

I’m working on both a physical windows 10 box and a windows 19 vm and both act the same. I can type commands and execute the notebook, that works, esc-s works but I can’t name/rename the notebook … help is appreciated.

Can anyone point me to what I should do? Thanks in advance.

When you say you were writing some notebooks ‘before’, what specifically do you mean?

Did something get updated recently on your machine besides Jupyter?

Do you see the same thing if you view the active notebook from launches served from the following URL:

Have you tried a different browser on your machine? I would definitely encourage trying this since you say you are seeing the same thing from two different notebook instances. Your physical Windows 10 box and virtual machine.

What version of notebook system shows up when you check under ‘Help’ > ‘About’?

Interesting that this recently popped up in the Notebook repo as well: No save icon, no 'file' menu in notebook · Issue #6264 · jupyter/notebook · GitHub

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That post in the repo is mine. Sorry if I shouldn’t have double posted.

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Your link works great, file menu and save button are present.
Help - about in my notebook says:

I’m not aware of any changes to my environment apart from the abundant windows 10 updates/fixes. About 6 months ago I wrote some notebooks to aid in administering ESRI Online files, I wanted to elaborate on that.
If I open my ‘old’ notebooks they show up, I can execute them but no file/save and no name …

At your cross-post, @kevin-bates suggested upgrading. That seems the best path forward now, especially since your version is not current.
You may want to consider using anaconda if you aren’t already, see here.

Both my notebook installs were part of installing Esri’s Arcgis pro and done unconsious and automatic. I can type [windowsbutton] - ‘jupyter’ and the notebook starts but I can’t find or open a command window where I can type ‘conda’ or anything to upgrade.
Now I look at it I see the notebook started from within argcis Pro als lacks the save button and file menu but inside arcgis that’s ok I guess.
I’ll try and install a separate notebook, thanks for your comments.

I have installed a new anaconda environment and now am able to ‘jupyter notebook’ and start a normal notebook with file menu and save button.

thanks again for the support.