Hide/discourage "save notebook" functionality

Hi everyone, I’m looking to prevent users saving whole notebooks under certain circumstances.

I’m not trying to be draconian about it (this isn’t about disabling copy/paste), but I want to make sure that users can’t inadvertently download data to their workstations that they shouldn’t download.

Should this be done server-side (by disabling the class that saves the notebook) or in the UI? Suppressing the “Save” button and shortcut would be enough, but is it harder than patching a class via configuration on the server?

Am I overlooking an existing solution to the problem?

There are already some discussions on this topic in the forum and around, please have a look. Maybe you can find some insights at…

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Thank you @1kastner will check these out now.

Just to confirm that the extension mechanism works perfectly! Thanks again @1kastner.