Jupyter notebook browser page not loading

I have been using Jupyter Notebook successfully for a long time, but today I have encountered a strange problem. Running on windows 10, if I type jupyter notebook in a command prompt then I see the usual text and startup appears successful.
However, when I try to open jupyter in a browser tab I cannot connect, the page remains blank with the little ‘loading’ icon on the browser tab spining indefinitely.
I have tried opening:
http://localhost:8888/tree or and have also tried opening via file:///C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/jupyter/runtime/nbserver-11912-open.html
In the latter case I see the text:
This page should redirect you to Jupyter Notebook. If it doesn't, click here to go to Jupyter.
But jupyter never loads.

I have not changed any system settings since I last ran jupyter successfully. Furthermore, I have tried three browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and have the same problem on three separate PCs, two of which are Win 10 Enterprise and one is Win 10 Home. I have tried opening ports on the firewall but that doesn’t help. Confusingly, I can connect to a remote notebook fine (via ssh), it’s only loading a local copy of jupyter that’s problematic.

Any ideas what the problem could be? i’ve run out of ideas.

I am relatively new to anaconda and jupyter notebooks and am having the exact same problem running on windows 10. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling anaconda and jupyter notebook, but the notebook still won’t open on any browser.

Are there other GUIs that can be used to run anaconda environments?

I have fixed this by using jupyter lab instead of jupyter notebook at the command prompt. You can then navitage to localhost:8888/tree to use notebooks as before.

Obviously, though, this is not an optimal solution and the notebooks should work without having to do this, so any proper solutions would be greatly appreciated!