Jupyter notebook browser page not loading

I have been using Jupyter Notebook successfully for a long time, but today I have encountered a strange problem. Running on windows 10, if I type jupyter notebook in a command prompt then I see the usual text and startup appears successful.
However, when I try to open jupyter in a browser tab I cannot connect, the page remains blank with the little ‘loading’ icon on the browser tab spining indefinitely.
I have tried opening:
http://localhost:8888/tree or and have also tried opening via file:///C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/jupyter/runtime/nbserver-11912-open.html
In the latter case I see the text:
This page should redirect you to Jupyter Notebook. If it doesn't, click here to go to Jupyter.
But jupyter never loads.

I have not changed any system settings since I last ran jupyter successfully. Furthermore, I have tried three browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and have the same problem on three separate PCs, two of which are Win 10 Enterprise and one is Win 10 Home. I have tried opening ports on the firewall but that doesn’t help. Confusingly, I can connect to a remote notebook fine (via ssh), it’s only loading a local copy of jupyter that’s problematic.

Any ideas what the problem could be? i’ve run out of ideas.

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I am relatively new to anaconda and jupyter notebooks and am having the exact same problem running on windows 10. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling anaconda and jupyter notebook, but the notebook still won’t open on any browser.

Are there other GUIs that can be used to run anaconda environments?

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I have fixed this by using jupyter lab instead of jupyter notebook at the command prompt. You can then navitage to localhost:8888/tree to use notebooks as before.

Obviously, though, this is not an optimal solution and the notebooks should work without having to do this, so any proper solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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I have nothing to add, except that you are not alone, I have exactly the same problem. I’m on Windows 10, just updated a couple of libraries with conda, and have the same rather frustrating problem.
I have no idea how to debug this. The console where I start jupyter notebook shows nothing whatsoever. The only solution so far (as someone else mentioned) is to start with jupyter lab instead of notebook.
This looks like a bug, but I don’t even know how to start debugging…

FYI, jupyter notebook now works again on one of my machines after doing a conda update --all. I’m not sure what changed, though, as another machine still doesn’t work. Despite having the same lib versions!

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New member, happy for this resource!

Same experience, long time Win 10 user of Anaconda and Jupyter, till the thinks broke this week.

Has anyone heard of progress on this?

Just cost me a day trying uninstalls and chasing things until I found this thread. Thank you for the JupyterLab command line workaround. Probably the only thing I did NOT think to try, but at least am back on the rails, thanks to this community!



Good morning.

I am with the same problem here and I tried to do the update, but it didn’t solve the problem.

So, I uninstalled the Anaconda and remove all files on my user directory, and reinstalled it from scratch.

It didn’t work too.

I tried turning off my McAfee antivirus, and its firewall, and didn’t work.

But, I discovered if I call the Jupyter on the browser using the IP address instead of localhost it works.

Then I tested Chrome (I’m using Edge Chromium since 2020) and everything works fine.

Apparently, the Chrome Edge is not resolving the LOCALHOST name or is blocked.

Any idea?




When you try to run Jupyter in terminal, it will gives you 3 ways to access the Jupyter.

The first one is the file path
The second one is the http:localhost… / token!
The third one is the http: 127.0.0…/token

you can copy one of this links and access to the jupyter.

Good luck

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Read this python - How to set jupyter notebook to open on browser automatically - Stack Overflow
I solved my problem

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Same thing happend to me. After I did conda update --all jupyter notebook would not load anymore in any browser.

I got it working again by installing a different version of jupyter notebook in anaconda. (Click the gearwheel in the top right and go to “install specific version”. I changed it from 6.3.0 to 6.4.12). Hope this fixes it for you as well.

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This is probably due to the shortcut you use for launching Jupyter redirecting to Jupyter Lab or something of such, you can check on how to stop the redirection here: python - How to set jupyter notebook to open on browser automatically - Stack Overflow

or simply use the command - jupyter notebook on the command line (this worked for me).

Has there been a resolution for this? I have this issue and none of the suggestions worked for me. I also found that I cannot run “ipython” in the terminal. So, maybe these two are related?

I created a post here and appreciate your thoughts.

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Similar problem. Working notebook environment on a remote server several weeks ago. Logged in and notebook initially would open but would not recognize the conda environments packages (could not import anything). Tore it down reinstalled everything and now jupyter notebook ... serves up a blank page.

The fix: use jupyterlab ....

The frustration for me is that notebook became an excellent environment to work in esp. with extensions. The lab environment is very kludgy by comparison eg. if I want to select a range of cells, clicking the left hand side of the first, say, collapses it! In notebook the cell (sensibly) remains visible. I could go on but really, jupyter lab and by extensions 7, are not up to the quality of the last notebook

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@ mikeb2021 You can continue to use NbClassic, see it mentioned in this post Announcing Jupyter Notebook 7:

" Because the architecture of Notebook 7 is rebuilt from the ground up, we recognize that some existing users might need a medium-term option for backward-compatibility with Notebook 6 using NbClassic, which delivers the same user experience and can be run on the same server as JupyterLab and Notebook 7."


Tnx for that info, I’ll give it a try.

Hi there. I had the same problem an solved it by running this line in CMD and upgrade my notebook:

pip install --upgrade notebook

I hope it works for you too :slight_smile:

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Browser ( microsoft edge ) is not responding while running jupyter notebooks , this its stage of modeling the parameter of the xgboost

Browser (Chrome) is not running the code i.e not giving me the result or an error. It just inserts a cell below the one with the code. I upgraded to $25 per month thinking that I must have used the allowance.
Please help. It’s been happening since 27 Feb 2024.

You likely want to take your issues up with the company you are paying.

Thank you! I’ll try to reach out to Anaconda.