Jupyter notebook browser page not loading

Here is the solution:
Add this line to your jupyter_notebook_config.py file:

c.NotebookApp.use_redirect_file = False

Hi @simon_sat - did you ever resolve this properly? It’s 2024 and it just happened to me. Trying jupyter lab didn’t work either unfortunately.

it seems like a vscode issue for me. updating vscode solved it

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Issue seems with this “localhost:8888/tree”.

I started Jupyter Lab it was running fine on 8888 port, then I tried running Jupyter Notebook and it was using 8889/tree it is working fine. So something causing 8888/tree port.
Already, updated all libs and also updated Jupyter Notebook didn’t work.
But if used again localhost:8888/tree, it doesn’t work for jupyter notebook.

I tried EVERYTHING! And you what eventually fixed it? Simply clearing my browser’s cashe. -_-


Indeed, refreshing the page via CTRL + Shift + R (cleaning cache) indeed worked for me.

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