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If you are new to this community, feel free to stop by here to introduce yourself. This is a community of humans and humans like knowing who they are talking to.

Just say Hi! :wave: or tell us some details about yourself. Or reveal that you are actually a bot who wants to make friends with humans!

Which ever feels right for you.

NOTE: Let’s keep this thread as a place for introductions. You can always start a new thread if someone’s introduction makes you want to reply and discuss something.


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Hi There, I am Matthias, I have been a developper of IPython and Jupyter since ~2012. These days I am mostly involved in Maintaining IPython, and as $DAYJOB I am working as a research Facilitator at University Of California Merced. I am excited to use discourse for a better experience for the Jupyter Community.



Hiiii everybody - I’m Chris, I work at UC Berkeley on projects related to the Jupyter community, particularly for scientific research, data analytics, and education!



Hiya, I’m Ryan and I work for the Department of Statistics at UC Berkeley. I’m also involved with JupyterHub related things for the Division of Data Science and Information and I’ve contributed to a few notebook extensions.



Hello! I’m Yuvi, and I work at UC Berkeley. I contribute to JupyterHub and its surrounding ecosystem (Zero to JupyterHub, The Littlest JupyterHub, Kubespawner, etc). I am also involved in operating



Hi - I’m Shreyas Cholia and I work on Jupyter related things at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, with a focus on connecting Jupyter (+Hub, Lab) with High Performance Computing resources.



Hi - I’m Tim. I work on Project Binder, JupyterHub deployments and I am based in Switzerland (first EU poster :rofl:)!



I’m Rich Signell, a research oceanographer at the US Geological Survey in Woods Hole, MA, USA. I have a GitHub org called reproducible notebooks for my stuff that runs on binder.



Hi! I’m Carol. I’m currently on Jupyter’s Steering Council and am interested in Jupyter’s use in education. I also pitch in as I can on the JupyterHub and Binder projects.

P.S. @choldgraf Can we make sure (unless it already is posted that this space is under the Jupyter Code of Conduct?



Hello, I’m Tyler, a developer advocate at Google in Mountain View, California. I work primarily on the Earth Engine project (geospatial analysis), and use JupyterHub for teaching workshops and supporting small research communities that use the Earth Engine Python API with Jupyter.



@willingc good call! I added a bolded sentence about this to the “banner message” on the main page. LMK if you think that could be edited to be more clear!



Hi, I’m Kelly and I’m a computer systems engineer in the Data Science Engagement Group at NERSC. I’m just getting started with working on JupyterHub-related projects.




I’m Tony, an academic an optimistic technologist, been helping run a distance ed HE course for 3 years that uses Jupyter notebooks in a VM as a key part of a final year undergrad course. I just launched the Tracking Jupyter newsletter at and am happy to add [Contributed: ] flagged posts to it from here, and a standing “Check out the Jupyter discourse” link if that’d be useful.




would love this! keeping up-to-date with Jupyter is difficult indeed. Our hope is that Discourse can make it easier for people to stay in the loop (or discover activity from the past)



Hi folks! I am Joe. I work at the National Center for Atmospheric Research where I sometimes get to contribute to a few Jupyter projects (repo2docker, binderhub) and a few Pangeo projects (xarray, dask, I mostly take advantage of being close to people with good ideas. Cheers!



Hi. I’m Luca. I am a cryptographer and teacher in University of Versailles. I have been a SageMath user and developer for 8 years, I use Jupyter for teaching and for research. I am involved in the OpenDreamKit project and specifically in tasks related to deploying JupyterHub.




I’m Erik and hope to help increase the utilization of JupyterHubs in educational contexts. I’ve mainly contributed to a project to deploy a JupyterHub on a cloud.

To me, the warmth from the Jupyter community often makes my day, thank you!




Hello all. I’m Jason and I’ve been using Jupyter/Jupyterhub in teaching and research at RPI for the last few years. I have been working with some students at the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software on a Jupyter centric framework called Carme. The goal of Carme is to make it easier for data scientists to work with containers, manage infrastructure, and (eventually) build data applications.

I’ve really benefited from the awesome work of the Jupyter team and this discussion forum is a great addition!



Hi, I’m Aleks. I work at Georgia Tech and South Big Data Hub on e-collaboration platforms and projects targeting scientific research and education. I also plan on eventually c̶o̶n̶q̶u̶e̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ starting a science-focused startup. Regards!



Hi, I’m Mark Mikofski. I work on pvlib Python a Python package for predicting solar energy. I use Jupyter notebooks to support and encourage reproducible and open science by publishing them on GitHub and linking to them from my conference papers.