Regain edit rights to my own post

Could you restore my edit rights to Introduce yourself! please? I can’t edit it any more :frowning: Specifically the first post in that thread.

that is weird…it’s “your” post, no? either way I made the first post a wiki, which should mean its editable by anybody

I know, this is why it was so confusing. However I can’t find the edit button in the usual place :-/ Maybe it is some discourse feature where if a post is more than N days old it can’t be edited any more by normal users?


My theory is that you created it when you technically had “admin” powers, and then when you were removed from the admin list, it surfaced some kind of permissions bug

Hmmm, it is now a Wiki post, I think there may be a limitation on who can edit wiki posts. Looking into that, and what kind of user trust level you currently have:


Hmmm, you are at trust level 3, and I made you a moderator now as well. Hmmm…

Did this resolve @betatim? I don’t understand what happened to your edit rights.

Yes, since Chris made the post a wiki post I could edit it again.