Spam filters too aggressive?

Hi @choldgraf . Aren’t Discourse spam filters set a bit too aggressive? My posts are being flagged as spam, it seems because I post too many links to OpenDreamKit’s website. Thanks.

Hmmm - that’s a good question. It’s just using whatever the default post is. Let me look into it and see if we can lessen those filters.

My guess is the specific reason here is because your user account is relatively new. I think Discourse treats users who have been around / participated in conversations / etc as “less spammy” than others (or has a higher bar for spam anyway). I agree we should make sure this isn’t flagging legit content!

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ahh, I think that discourse automatically flags posts as spam if a new user posts >= 3 links that point to the same domain within a short time of signing up. I’ve increased that a little bit and also de-flagged your post!

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Is there a way to whitelist some domains? I wouldn’t be surprised if a new user came posting dozens of links to GitHub repos.

Also, the automated error message (see below) is misleading: suggesting the posts have been flagged manually, and inviting to edit them “to reflect feedback” that is nowhere to be found. If this automated message is configurable, you may want to consider clarifying it.

Besides, I edited my post in “Share your Binder”, but it looks still hidden.


This is an automated message from Jupyter Community Forum to let you know that your post was hidden.

Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden, so please consider how you might revise your post to reflect their feedback. You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

However, if the post is hidden by the community a second time, it will remain hidden until handled by staff.

For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.

grrr that is frustrating - lemme look into the spam settings more, this discourse thing is still new to us :slight_smile:

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Just whitelisted a bunch of sites in the jupyter community - thanks a bunch for noticing this. I can’t figure out how to edit the spam email message though…if anybody figures that out I’d love to know!

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Thanks! Anything you can do for

was just looking into it: I think the problem is that @yuvipanda mistakenly clicked “agree” on the spam bot’s “is this spam?” comment - it’s quite confusing because it initially seems like saying “agree” means “agree that this is a real post” instead of “agree that this is spam”.

I’ve re-posted your comment as a “quote” of your username…does that work? Thanks for working out the early bugs of the Discourse…we did say it was an experiment after all :slight_smile:

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No problems. Thanks.

Whoops, yes that sounds like what I did! Sorry! Will be more careful next time!

Admins can unhide a post by clicking the “…” symbol (next to reply) -> click the wrench icon -> Unhide post. The “Unhide post” only appears for posts that are hidden, so you will have to wait for someone else to post too many links to practice.

Overall I think we should go with the defaults for the spam and “user trust” settings for a bit while we gain experience. My assumption is that quite a bit of tuning went into them even if we don’t yet fully grasp why they are configured the way they are :wink:

From my experience in other discourse forums is that I have had my posts flagged because they had too many links in them and I hadn’t taken part in the community before. Reflecting on the posts it was almost always when indeed I had not taken part and just stopped by to announce a conference/meetup/workshop etc. Which in some sense is spam because I wasn’t really invested in the community.

In the moment it was frustrating but with a bit of distance it seemed fair. People put in effort to make a great community -> new person turns up to promote stuff -> gets flagged and told “please get involved more first, then you too can reap the rewards”.