How to use the community forum

Welcome to the Jupyter Discourse forum

This post should help get you started with this site!

What’s this place for?

The Jupyter Discourse page is a place for the community to interact with one another, share stories of their work, ask for help, and give help to others. It’s meant to be a more interactive space that’s also searchable and archivable, which will hopefully make it a valuable resource for people to learn. If you’re new here, say hello and introduce yourself here!

What topics should we discuss?

You can talk about anything Jupyter-related on this site. We’ve tried to break it down into a few common categories, but don’t be too stressed out about finding the “right” place for a conversation.

Here are a few topics you might want to discuss or ask questions about to help you get started:

That said, we won’t be super restrictive about what people talk about, so long as it’s positive, constructive, and welcoming :slight_smile:

All communication in the JupyterHub/Binder Discourse channel must adhere to the broader Jupyter code of conduct (link here).

Why are we creating yet another communication channel?

We’re using Discourse for project-wide communication because:

  • It is more searchable/archivable. The content in this forum is open to the public and indexed by Google. Discourse also has an internal search feature that’s quite powerful. We’re hoping this makes it easy for people to find information they need.
  • It is more community-focused. Lots of Jovians (that’s slang for Jupyter folks) do amazing work in the community, helping others, sharing ideas, etc. However, the modes of communication we currently use make it hard to highlight this work. We hope Discourse will make it easier to say “thanks” and recognize you all.
  • It has rich content. Did you notice that all the posts are written in Markdown? That means you can do a lot more formatting to make text easier to read. You can also add emojis :poop:
  • It can be a "default’ channel for communication. Eventually, we’d love to explore shrinking the number of communication channels and having most people “default” to interacting on Discourse. Before we get there, we want to make sure that this is the right tool for our community.

Leave your feedback!

As mentioned above, this is an experiment for our community. If you have any thoughts or ideas, we’d love to hear it! You can either open a topic in the Site Feedback Category, or reach out on one of the other channels of communication :slight_smile: