[POLL] What do we call this Discourse page?

I’m trying to figure out what we should generally call “The Discourse site that Jupyter runs”. It’d be great to know what the community thinks!

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Could we call it:

  • The Jupyter Discourse
  • The Jupyter Forum
  • The Jupyter Community Discourse
  • The Jupyter Community Forum
  • The Jupyter Discussion Board
  • I prefer none of these (please suggest some else below!)

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I generally prefer to avoid using the name of the implementation technology (forum not discourse; blog not ghost or medium; chat not gitter) since most things shouldn’t change if we decide to pack up and move to a different implementation.


That brings up another potential conversation topic, which is "do we pay Discourse a monthly amount instead of using the free version so that we can host this site at, e.g., forum.jupyter.org or discuss.jupyter.org instead of discourse.jupyter.org"

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I needed to try changing the image for Twitter social media, so went ahead and uploaded that image here too (using the currently-most-popular vote and taking into consideration @minrk’s suggestion that we not tie the name to a specific service). What do folks think about it?

You mean the jupyter Community Forum image that appears when I scroll to the top of this page? I think the font size of “Community Forum” is way too small, compared to the “jupyter”. I can just about read it without zooming in, and I’m sitting at a big monitor. :face_with_monocle:

Jupyter is represented by the logo on the left, and by the huge letters. As a rough guess, it accounts for 80% of the image area, with only seven letters. Then twice as many letters are squeezed into the remaining 20% of the area. To me, that resembles the fine-print in written contracts, where the other party hopes that you’ll never bother to read it before signing.

If the words “Community Forum” are relevant, they should be big enough to be easily discernible. If they are not relevant, then why put them there at all? :smiling_imp:

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The logo in the top-left is still in experiment mode - I was changing things to see if it would update the Twitter preview because of a request in a different post and was curious how it’d look up there. I agree the text should be bigger and I’m happy to iterate on that w/ folks once we figure out what we’ll call the forum (I’m fine with “Community Forum” but wanted to leave voting open a bit longer in case others had opinions)

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Just added “POLL” to the title and bumping this in case that makes people more likely to respond :slight_smile:

I have voted for these:

This is because I think that we should avoid using words such as ‘Discourse’ In addition, using word ‘The’ does not sound right. @choldgraf thanks for making a vote, Much appreciated on behalf of the community!

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What free version, what are you using now that is free?

We’re using the “free for open source” version of Discourse, which gives us a basic plan for free as long as we’re an open source projects and we make discourse. the first part of the domain where it’s hosted.

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