Discuss the JupyterHub communications strategy

Right now there are many different channels of communication in the JupyterHub world. Recently we set up a Discourse (discourse.jupyter.org) for another style of communication. This brings up the question of how we can use all of these channels in an effective manner.

@willingc along with comments from @betatim and @ellisonbg recently laid out a nice list for ideas for which kinds of communication fits where. (link here). I’m pasting the full text below.

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  • general chat (quick questions between devs)
  • quick (one conversation) technical support issues (posting to Discourse the outcome if it will take > 1 conversation) May make sense to encourage users to migrate their questions to Discourse; answering quick questions synchronously has the benefit of building rapport with users
  • time sensitive devops
  • coordination (are you around to review my PR today, can I help with
  • informal team building/trust


  • Technical support requiring more than one discussion (moved from Gitter to Discourse)
  • Opinion polls
  • Discussions of controversial issues (process, workflow, project direction)
  • Discussion of GitHub issues that are broad in scope or where next actions are not well defined (Cross linking with the discourse-github plugin)
  • Discussions of topics not related to a GitHub item
  • How to contribute discussions
  • Events
  • summarization for a broader audience (GitHub is a firehose),
  • discussion of larger work efforts that span multiple issues or repos but
    are still within an area of the project
  • requests for feedback
  • other organizational and non-code matters.


  • Enhancements, bugs, and triaged support questions that need development to resolve
  • Brief responses on well-scoped (actionable) GitHub issues
  • Review comments and suggestions for open PRs
  • Release milestones

Is the intention that this site deprecates the Jupyter Google groups? If so, it may be worth posting something to that effect in those groups.

Right now we’re treating Discourse as an experiment - if it seems to be a positive force in the community, then I think it’s worth thinking about what communication channels it could replace…however I’m not sure that we’re there yet (it’s only about a week old, after all :slight_smile: ).

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, btw. Any intuition for whether Discourse could replace some other communication channels?

Hey, check out Watching / Tracking categories!

Ping @jasongrout regarding https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab/pull/6099#issuecomment-474110180, perhaps if some members of the jupyterlab team decided to choose to “Watching first post” as a discourse tracking option of the JupyterLab category?

Perhaps we should think of this when deciding or not to create subcategories. It allows tracking of more specific areas, for example: I want to focus attention on #jupyterhub:z2jh-k8s rather than all of #jupyterhub, and I can since we have a subcategory for z2jh!

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