Sunset the GitHub repo jupyter/help?

Should we sunset the forum by writing it very clearly in the current README, and perhaps in an issue template, that we want all questions to go to Discourse instead?

It is my understanding that this repo attracts questions that most Jupyter members are unaware of. I guess based on some experience that we will get more interactions if they are written in Discourse as most of those that hold Jupyter dear and near is encouraged to hang out here.


I think it’s a great idea (partially because that repository is actively misleading people into thinking they’ll get help there).

Things to do:

  • Prevent new issues from being created there.
  • Put a big warning in the README of the document saying that the repository is deprecated and pointing to Q&A in the Discourse
  • Make sure all of our links don’t point to this help repo anymore


  • Write a bot to make a one-time post to all of the unanswered issues in there saying “we’re so sorry, if you still have a question, please post it to << discourse link >>”
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@choldgraf I’ll do the Things to do by the end of the week, allowing a few days of consideration first.

Ping @parente as I recall you brought up this for discussion initially.


Please do. We’ll need to update some of the project readmes as well at some point too.

Let’s do this:


@willingc - we recently opened up a top-level Q&A channel that is meant to be a single landing spot for user questions (and that we can add metadata/categorize/move later if need be). Would that work for your suggestion to create a specific category for support?


Note the option to archive a github repository. It might be appropriate here.


I’d +1 on the archive thing.

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Just apply final changes (links to here) before that. Yep, stating the obvious…

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I can archive the repo if we’re ready to make it permanently read-only. Any last requests?

I see @willingc has updated the jupyter/help README with a note pointing here. (Thanks, Carol.) I see the Jupyter website does have at least one reference to the jupyter/help GitHub repo. I’ll search it thoroughly and send a PR soon.

Hm. I just spotted that the website links to which is a general guide for folks wanting to get involved in the community. We should find another place for that document to live before it becomes part of the archived repo.

Maybe a pinned post in meta here on discourse? A page on the website itself?

Maybe a :bangbang: to get people to read that sentence. Bold isn’t enough. :wink:

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I think it makes sense to move it here as a pinned post/wiki for community.

I just remembered that we have something like this also at…what if we moved the contributing guide there? (actually, it’d probably be merged since there is some contributing docs in this website as well)

I opened up Refactor and update the jupyter meta-docs with a suggested path forward there, would love to hear what the community thinks!

I’ve gone ahead and archived the repo as suggested by @vidartf and @psychemedia. It is now read-only.


Did we add the extension for marking a topic as resolved yet? :smile:

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It was installed, but it had to be activated on a category by category level. I decided to let it be made available on all categories for now. Sounds ok? I think it is only the author of the topic that can select a solution as well btw.

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This is older - but +1 on this :wink:

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