Guidance on use?

Just wondering if there is a plan for deciding when to use:

  • Discourse
  • GitHub Issues
  • Gitter

right now, we aren’t being prescriptive about it, but will likely become so once we get a better feel for Discourse (it’s only a week old)…so let’s keep this topic around as we start to give this out more. What do you think?

@choldgraf - Sounds good. Clearly if I understand a product well enough to know that something is a bug, it would be an issue. Maybe I would just enter it directly. In other cases, ask here or gitter first, to avoid “cluttering” the repo, or to refine how to describe an issue, or even let an expert create it…?

Waiting to see how it all shakes out.

Edit: Just saw your post

Would love to see thoughts, ideas, etc in that other thread you linked!