JupyterLab Discourse channel now exists!

The JupyterLab Discourse channel is now live! I heard from @consideRatio that @carreau said we should create one. Since we are limited in the number of moderator positions we can create, I’ve just gone ahead and done this myself.

I haven’t added in any specific sub-topics to discuss because I’d rather folks in the Lab community do this themselves depending on their needs (we can also probably wait a bit to see what kind of conversation happens here).


Thanks for creating this forum, @choldgraf! I think it’ll be a good place to encapsulate a lot of the conversations we’ve been having in GitHub issues and on Gitter in an ad hoc way.


Can you please post a link to the new discourse, discourse won’t let me just write link?

it already exists, and is the channel in which you just posted :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, thought you meant it was a separate discourse :flushed:. (I think I’m too sleep deprived)

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