Updating the "site banner"

I am not quite sure what it is called, but the first time someone logs into the discourse, they see a blue banner that describes the overall vision for it. However, that text is completely oriented towards JupyterHub. Now that we are starting to use this for other subprojects, it is a bit confusing. Can we update it? Maybe a shared hackmd where we can collaboratively edit it?

Sounds good to me. I think this is the post that is currently pinned Welcome to the JupyterHub Discourse: how to use this site. @choldgraf if it is Ok with you can we make it a wiki post so people can edit it directly for a while? Or maybe make a reply to it a wiki and we copy the text over?

it’s a wiki now! feel free to edit. I didn’t realize that folks had “officially” OK-ed using Discourse for Jupyter more broadly