Tracking Jupyter newsletter series

Hey folks - @psychemedia’s “Tracking Jupyter” project is an attempt at keeping track of the many moving parts in the Jupyter community. It’s not just about the core technology, but also about Jupyter’s uses in the wild as well as new development by Jovians far and wide.

You can sign up for the Tracking Jupyter newsletter here:

We’ll use this issue to keep track of links to the various editions of the “tracking jupyter” project.

The latest edition

Previous editions



I really enjoy reading it. I thought I had a feeling for what is happening in Jupyter land but I was wrong :slight_smile: I keep reading about extensions or projects I’ve never heard about so I’d recommend this newsletter to a friend.

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new tracking jupyter is out! I updated the top-level comment and added links to previous issues as well. Thanks @psychemedia!

The seventh is out!

(also added to top comment)

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New TJ post is out!

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Ninth edition of tracking jupyter

If you want to tackle the GPU-enabled-BinderHub mentioned towards the end of the newsletter check out which is the configuration we used for the NeurIPS2019 demo.

New Tracking Jupyter post is up from @psychemedia!

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Heya folks - another great collection of Jupyter tidbits, ideas, and information just came out in the latest Tracking Jupyter:


Two new tracking jupyter’s for y’all!

(because we forgot to update this thread with the last one!)

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new tracking jupyter post up!

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You should swap 12 + 13 in the overview post.

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Working my way through back issues right now - Pocket is invaluable.

Just to let Tony know, your work is appreciated even if you cannot always see it in reader stats.


I find this newsletter so insightful! How would you give highlights from “Tracking Jupyter newsletter” in a (recurring) meetup opening speech? There’s so much content in there that I’d like to share, but I need to find a way to put that in a slide deck, if doable.

Focus on the “little-known but useful” stuff.

A new Tracking Jupyter post is out today!

Thanks as always to @psychemedia for wrangling the beautiful chaos that is the broader jupyter community!


Another Tracking Jupyter is out! thanks @psychemedia !

The 17th is out!

The 20th tracking Jupyter is out! Lotsa good stuff in this one!

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