Jupyter Security Subproject Meetings

Hi everyone,

I wanted to announce the third biweekly Jupyter Security Meeting will be happening next week on Friday (September 10, 2021) at 9 AM PDT. The biweekly meetings are listed on the Jupyter community calendar.

The agenda is open ahead of time like most other Jupyter community meetings. We do not accept vulnerability reports during this meeting and we don’t discuss specifics of vulnerabilities there either; we direct attendees to report through security@ipython.org.

This time we will have a main topic to discuss. Trusted CI (the US National Science Foundation’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence) has conducted a survey of all public Jupyter security documentation they could identify. At the meeting we will discuss strategies and recommendations from Trusted CI about unifying the documentation, eliminating duplication, resolving discrepancies, etc., and then, what action to take based on those observations. Folks from Trusted CI will be on the call for the discussion.

You can read more about the Trusted CI engagement for Jupyter here.