Jupyter Community Calendar

We now have a single calendar view for events+meetings happening across various subprojects under Project Jupyter.

All meetings that are listed on this community calendar are open to the public. Please feel free to attend and introduce yourself.

You can use this calendar to track when and where things are happening in Jupyter, JupyterLab, JupyterHub, Binder, Voila, etc.

Warning: This is a single “view” of multiple calendar, if you subscribe to it using your google calendar, or Apple iCal you will not see all the events, for example you will not see subcalendar like JupyterHub, JupyterLab, nteract…


How do we add events to this calendar?

Can we embed it (or at least link it) at https://jupyter.org/community as well?

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@jasongrout, I added you to the calendar maintainers list.

Currently, it’s posted on the Jupyter Community page on readthedocs. Should I also add it to jupyter.org?

I think it makes sense to be on Jupyter.org. Do you agree?

I added the ipywidgets and voila meetings.

I think we can remove the Voila meeting from the main Jupyter Calendar, since Voila has their own calendar that appears on the shared “Community Calendar” above (you’ll see a duplicate event above).

I’ll work on adding this to jupyter.org too!

I would like to start a Jupyter RTC call every other week after the Voila meetings. Could someone add this and make it an hour long? And make the location the jovyan zoom channel?

Or if you are able to add saul@quansight.com to be able to edit the Jupyter calender, I can add it myself.


@saulshanabrook, I added you to the calendar manager list. Feel free to create the event :slight_smile:

Are the zoom meetings open for anyone? I’m new to the community but I’m interested in contributing.

@Charles_Averill Yes they are, welcome!

Are any of these public meetings recorded? I only learned of this calendar today, but I’m interested in the content of some of the meetings that happened recently.

Most of these meetings are not recorded, but they have meeting notes that are recorded and posted in the various team repos:


that’s a super useful list of meeting notes links! we should consider adding it to https://jupyter.readthedocs.io/en/latest/community/content-community.html or somewhere in the discourse

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@Zsailer Can you please add me to the list of calendar maintainers? There was some interest, so I want to add a (for now temporary) meeting about the filebrowser/file-handling stuff

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It’s still unclear to me how to edit events.
It looks like the security meeting that are supposed to repeat every two weeks on tuesday have stopped.
Can someone with permission extend the repeat ?

Apologies, Matthias. That was probably my fault. It should be fixed now. I’ve also added you to the list of people who can edit the calendar.

Just as a note, the way this is setup if you subscribe to this calendar, you don’t subscribe to subcalendar (nteract, JupyterHub, JupyterLab), so user will miss events.

Here are two screenshot of the same date on this page, and when you subscribe to the calendar (say in iCal). See how it looks like in iCal for example, vs the top of this page.

Please note that since the JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook subprojects have been merged into one subproject, the JupyterLab weekly meeting has now been renamed to “JupyterLab and Notebook frontends meeting” as per discussion in the last weekly meeting :slight_smile: