JupyterHub community call 5/16

Hey all - we’ve got another JupyterHub community call coming up this week! This is a place to discuss topics with the JupyterHub community and share interesting new things you’re working on.

Meeting details

Time: 10am California time, Thursday, May 16th.
Videoconference link: https://calpoly.zoom.us/my/jupyter
GitHub Issue: https://github.com/jupyterhub/team-compass/issues/151
Meeting facilitator: @lheagy

Please fill in your agenda items!

We collect suggested topics for discussion at the team meeting. These include shorter reports and shout-outs, as well as longer topics for discussion. See the links below for where and how to add each!

We try to freeze this list 24h before the meeting start.

Give reports and quick shout-outs

We begin each meeting with a brief list of reports from the community, as well as shout-outs to others for work that they’ve done recently. (you don’t necessarily need to attend the meeting to give a shout-out or report)

You can add your own reports and shout-outs here. Alternatively, you can add them by replying to this Discourse thread!

Suggest items for the agenda

These are topics that warrant discussion or more attention than reports/shout-out. They don’t have to be strictly about JupyterHub or Binder…if you think the community would be interested, please add your suggestions! However, if you add an agenda topic, try to be there so you can introduce it and help lead discussion.

You can add topics to the agenda here. Alternatively, you can add them by replying to this Discourse thread!

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Friendly reminder to add discussion items or shout-outs/reports to the agenda for tomorrow!