JupyterHub/Binder Community Call, November 2019


The next JupyterHub community call will be held on the third Thursday of the November. This is a place to discuss topics with the JupyterHub community and share interesting new things you’re working on.

That’s Thursday, November 21st, 2019 at 5PM UTC (or your timezone).

  • Github Issue here.
  • Add items to the agenda here.
  • Meet us on Zoom (video conferencing) here
  • :movie_camera: :clapper: we will record the meeting for those who can’t make it.

These calls are open to anyone, so please join us! We love seeing new members on the call.


Anyone in the United States, be aware that we have a time change happening before the next meeting.

For example, west-coasters, the meeting will be at 9AM instead of the usual 10AM.

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