How do I get started contributing to Jupyter?

In January 2021’s Jupyter community call, someone asked about how they as a company could helpfully contribute to the Jupyter ecosystem. @choldgraf mentioned that the responses to this were worth noting outside the community call notes, and I agree. These directions could work well for potential individual contributors or teams.

This discussion is absolutely open for other ideas of what areas could use contribution, understanding the ecosystem better, and general tips and tricks. I’d like this to also be a resource for updating the contributor guide in the future.

Here’s the initial comments from community members as quoted from the call’s notes:

As a company, how do we start contributing?

  • @willingc follow the projects that seem most within your team’s wheelhouse
  • @jasongrout JupyterLab 4.0 release plans are underway. There may be items there, or things you want to contribute.
  • jupyter/notebook is very starved for resources
    • has a weekly meeting just trying to keep the issue count down.
      • many are low-touch to at least get triaged
    • really any help welcome
  • @isabela-pf accessibility on all projects.
    • We have been starting with JupyterLab Components, etc. Notes for our meetings and all current team work live in this issue

I apologize if this comes across as a total self-advertisement, but I also wrote up a blog post with some of my thoughts on this a while back. Maybe others would find it useful?