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Hello, friends.

We have been working on restructuring the way Project Jupyter’s governance functions to reflect how our community has expanded since our original governance model was constructed. As part of our governance reform process, we have been reaching out to some members of our community who have insight into different aspects of running open-source organizations. We have been posting our governance meeting minutes in this forum.

One important realization that has come out of our recent conversations is that we recognize there are folks in the wider community who may have valuable contributions and input. In this thread, we are asking people who want to contribute to these conversations to post links to blog posts or articles to address whichever aspects you want to discuss.

Here are some guidelines for what we are asking for:

  • Please post content (e.g., a blog post or an article) that you have written yourself about aspects of governance that are specific to Project Jupyter. We don’t know how much traffic may come your way, so we want to ensure only authors who want visitors from this forum post their content here.
  • It is up to you whether you enable comments on your post; this thread is only for posting a link to your post, not to actually comment or debate it. We want to make sure any author who wishes can make a point without having to “argue” the point.
  • If you wish to respond to an article linked here, please feel free to write a response and link to it here.
  • Please do not use this thread as a venue to respond to others or to post your content directly. We are specifcally asking for content that is hosted elsewhere, whether that is a personal hosted blog, a blogging platform, a publication, etc., so we will moderate this thread to make sure it does not devolve into side-channel conversations (i.e. please no cross-talking, here).

Hi everyone In the weekly governance office hours (please join!) we were talking about this thread. We realize it is a big ask and that it can be challenging to get started. To help with this, we encourage folks to use the governance questions detailed in this adjacent thread as writing prompts:

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Hi all - one of the projects that I most-admire for their ability to manage complexity and technical growth with an open and inclusive community is the Rust project. To that extent,
I wrote up a short post as a thought-experiment. It asks the question: what would Jupyter governance look like if we simply ported over the Rust governance model. I hope it sparks some thoughts and conversation!


I love Rust’s governance structure. Thanks for writing this post and sharing.

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Another post, very similar to the last one I posted about Rust. This time I tried porting over the latest Python PEP013 proposal to Jupyter governance. I hope folks find it interesting!


I wanted to note that there are some conversations that might be relevant to this process over in the jupyter/governance repository. e.g. here’s one about voting and abstaining (:wave: @damianavila and @Ruv7). Just linking in case folks are interested!