How to participate and what to expect in the governance refactor

As many of you may know, the Jupyter community is undergoing a collaborative process to research and propose a new model of governance for the organization. We are breaking down some key items into specific questions for the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and general responses.

We’ve broken down those questions into 5 broad categories, and we’ll make a small post each week on this community forum.
As these are posted, we invite you to give your own feedback and answer any questions you’d like within the thread we post.

Please join us in this process, here are a few options to follow along:

We hope this helps everyone feel more included and welcome to participate, and we continue to listen for ways in which we can make progress while engaging all. The first few questions are listed below, roughly categorized as “community engagement”. Below is a summary of our status and thoughts on these. Next week we’ll continue with a different topic.

– the weekly Governance Refactor team

note: I’m also marking this post as editable by others, so feel free to add your own suggestions as you like.