Outreachy Participation Guideiline

Hi everyone, myself Bhavya Tewari! Nice to meet you all! I’m a senior engineering student from India, looking forward to contribute to the JupyterHub Documentation as part of Outreachy. Any advise where to begin? :blush:

Hi @Annosha_aslam, I went through the eligibility rules. It says students in their last term are eligible to apply for both the rounds regardless of the hemisphere they are in. Thanks anyway buddy :blush:

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Oh that is wonderful. So did you find any clues to where to start contributing/place to start with?

I haven’t really started scraping yet. But I think going through the Contribution Guide would be a good place to begin :smiley:

Hi folks! Great to have you here and your interest in interning with JupyterHub!

You are correct, the contributing guide will be a great place to start. Also, generally checking out the content and structure of the documentation will be good, particularly if you’re interested in the documentation project.

Other sources of information are:

We will also be creating issues for the Contribution Period soon. They will be identified with the outreachy-dec22 label and you will be able to find them at this link: Search · org:jupyterhub label:outreachy-dec22 is:open · GitHub Each issue will have it’s own explanation of what and how to contribute as part of this period.


Hi @sgibson91 Thanks for the guidance and resources! Will go through them and try to contribute to the documentation project. Looking forward to the labeled issues! :blush:

Hi @sgibson91 My name is Temidayo Azeez. I am also an Outreach intern. I am a entry level technical writer. I am currently building my expertise and experience. Open source projects have proved to be one of the best path to achieving that. So I am looking forward to making contributions to Jupyterhub and launching a successful career as a technical writer.


Made my first contribution today to the JupyterHub docs and filed a Pull Request. Hope it gets merged! :crossed_fingers:

Thanks @sgibson91 for the guidance and resources! :blush:

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Thanks for the guidance and resources, much appreciated!
So I just went through the Issues that are already created and I’m confused about something. Do we just pick one and start working on them immediately or do we wait to be assigned because I see no issue has been assigned yet but people are already solving them. So what exactly do we do?

Hello Uyi! All of the issues we have created for this round can be worked on by multiple applicants at the same time - so we are not assigning issues to anyone. Please pick whichever you’d like to work on!

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Thank you @sgibson91. I’m a part of the December 22 cohort and I’m preparing for my contributions. This is my first time contributing to Free and Open Source so I’m grateful for this guide.

Hello! @GeorgianaElena @sgibson91 when I checked my pull request, the tag added indicated that my pull request needed revision. What can I do to resolve this? Do I do the revision myself?

Hello @sgibson91, a part of the guidelines for working with outreachy is contacting mentors and updating them about our progress. Are we expected/permitted to reach mentors privately? or is there a public discussion forum for that, such as this one?

Hi Veda, you can reach us here or on Gitter at jupyterhub/jupyterhub - Gitter We strongly encourage open communications, but will accept private ones if you are at all concerned about posting publicly. It is scary when you first start working in the open and it is a journey to be worked towards :slight_smile:


Alright then, thank you for your time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello @sgibson91, regarding the guidelines here: Improve a page of JupyterHub documentation · Issue #41 · jupyterhub/outreachy · GitHub, are we to move our names from the “Work in progress” tab to “Done” immediately after submitting a PR or once the PR has been closed?

@sgibson91 Thanks! I really appreciate the clarification :grinning:. I was getting a little bit anxious about how to get started

Hi @Pauline_B, you should also find information on the Gitter platform even more helpful if you look around.

@sgibson91 Hi I am Poorvaja Rayas from India . I am an Outreachy applicant too. and very new to programming and tech in general . Can you please guide me on how to get started with my first contribution on documentation and Do you mind telling me if there any pre requisites to get started as everything seems overwhelming already!?

Hi @Poorvaja_Rayas, I’m also an Outreachy applicant. I think you can start working on this documentation issue https://github.com/jupyterhub/outreachy/issues/38. The mentor @minrk explain what you need to do, to complete the microtask. And also you can follow what the people did and posted on that page. For this microtask you don’t need to install the enviroment.

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