Jupyter Deployment on GKE fails with "default backend - 404"

I am attempting to deploy Jupyter on a GKE cluster using a Google Managed Certificate with IAP. The DNS is resolving but the redirect failed with “default backend - 404”.

Values file

        enabled: true
        type: offload
        - myhost
        type: NodePort
          http: 30080
          https: 30443
        labels: {}
          beta_cloud.google.com/backend-config: {"default": "iap-backend-config"}
      enabled: true
        - myhost
        kubernetes.io/ingress.global-static-ip-name: https-ip
        networking.gke.io/managed-certificates: https-cert

I’ve modified the proxy-public service to be a NodePort and created the ingress, which I have linked to a global static IP which the DNS is pointed to.

When I try to reach my domain it does not go through the IAP redirect but goes straight to the 404 error.

I would include more configuration details but it is preventing me from posting with “new users can only include 2 links in a post”. Not sure why that’s happening. I’m also having trouble formatting my config as yaml, the preformat does not seem to be working.

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On the substance of your question: I unfortunately don’t know the answer :frowning:

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Thanks for your reply! I actually resolved this myself - the answer was that I tried enabling the ingress by setting ingress to “true” but that included a redirect

      - path: {{ $.Values.hub.baseUrl }}{{ $.Values.ingress.pathSuffix }}

This redirect was getting a 404 as it first was going through IAP which prevented accessing the page. I created my own ingress without this path and voila! It works!

In the meantime I have introduced myself on the humans thread. Great community you have here!

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