Why Binder not launch Jupyter with this Dockerfile?

I try to run my code in Binder, the image is built from a docker file, and Jupiter does not start. Who can say what to do with it?
GitHub - SkirdaMP/polls_binder . My repo.

It is unclear what you have done to try to troubleshoot this yourself?

You are deviating dramatically from the structure in the example repo. The Binder documentation tries to thoroughly dissuade you from using a Dockerfile, and so ideally you want to tread lightly and stick as close to the example as possible. (Or other closely-related examples shown to work, see below.) The example Dockerfile has it ending (lines 7 to 17) what is shown there. Pip installs go before that block. You have that block in the middle and broken up the last line with other stuff in between, namely pip installs. The example has them going first. Did you establish all that works first by removing everything you presently have after line 22 USER ${USER}?

There are a number of resources about running postgres in MyBinder that may help you with that part.

I know that using Dockerfile is not recommended, but it is important for me to use it. Is it possible to change something in my test repository so that the launch server?
In the future, I want to create a laptop in which I will use the existing code.

Yes, I gave you some paths to try. To clarify:

  • remove everything you presently have after line 22.
  • If that launches, then work on going forward.
  • If that still doesn’t launch, try moving your pip install step to where the example has the pip install step.

Basically, back up to the example until things work again and then go from there.
It may be easier to just go back to the example dockerfile, verify it launches and then keep adding parts modularly.

Except for the postgres stuff, which I am not familiar with, I essentially think you just have things out of order. So if you move towards the demo structure, it may work to launch if you move the block (lines 7 to 17 in the example dockerfile) to the end as one singular block.