How to create mybinder using Dockerfile which include a model execution image and a python library?

I created a Dockerfile to create a docker environment in

I attached this URL into the blank space of GitHub repository name or URL in mybinder.
After completion of containerization, I want to use a base image which is “summa.exe”, and pysumma python library in mybinder.
Does Anybody know how to fix this problem?

Not sure why the image doesn’t launch. Probably because it doesn’t launch the right command when Binder starts it.

In general we recommend that people don’t use a Dockerfile but instead one of the many automatic ways of generating the image: almost all use cases fit somewhere there.

If you do have to use a Dockerfile we have which might help you get a working image.

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Thank you for your reply. I want to use this docker image ( and this Github ( together in my binder. But I couldn’ t find a solution in your link (configuration files). Also, I looked at docker description " Use a Dockerfile for your Binder repository", but this example is too simple. Do you know the way to use both in my binder?