Launching notebook on Binder takes long time than usual

Hello Community.

I want to run this notebook on Binder, surprisingly the launching session takes longer than usual to start – it hangs, and finally, the launch attempt fails, see here

What might be the problem and how to solve it?

It uses a Dockerfile which is not the recommended way, see the first Important listed here.
Then it breaks the second requirement necessary if you are going to try using a Dockerfile anyway by not having a tag for the source in in the FROM command in line 4 of the Dockerfile, see item #2 listed here for preparing a Dockerfile.

I didn’t test if that is the only thing wrong. However, I don’t see where step #1 is addressed either.
You can fork it and add the tag and installing notebook, and then try using your edited fork as the repository to launch.

Three examples of repositories using Dockerfile can be found among the Binder Examples, the first being the simplest:


Hi fomightez,

Thank you very much for your reply. Since I do not own the code, the best way to work out the problem is probably what you recommended: “You can fork it and add the tag and installing notebook”.


@TSSFL and myself forked the repo and made the changes in the Dockerfile specified preparing a Dockerfile & illustrated at Minimal Dockerfiles for Binder. And that fixed things so that Binder session launches from the fork work.

We’ll file an issue at the CAMB source repository letting the developer(s) know they just need to fix a few lines in the Dockerfile to make the launch on MyBinder work again.

That is great @fomightez. I appreciate the follow-up and will be watching the updates.

The developer responded almost immediately and has added a tag for the Docker image that seems to fix the situation for now, see here.

(I’ll note for others that the documentation specifically says the tag used in the Dockerfile FROM command is not supposed to be latest.)

Great work @fomightez, thank you for the updates.