Weird Option-digit keybindings

As of a very recent jupyter* update (I’m not sure which component), all of the Option-digit keys (⌥-1 … ⌥ -0 and also their shifted equivalents on a MacOS keyboard) are bound by default to “Show left activity bar”. This does not seem so important as to be worth 20 different key combinations. On my UK keyboard, this is especially bad since ⌥-3 is how to type “#” since shift-3 is “£”.

The Settings editor shows all of these, but I can’t even figure out how to change or delete the bindings there. (I have figured out how to go to the json settings editor and making a user settings file which just adds "disabled": true to all of these entries, but these seems like a lot of work.)

I can’t tell which of these behaviours (weird bindings and difficult to edit settings) are bugs, user error, or working as intended! Please help.

Edit: this is github issue Unable to use multiple characters with international keyboards on MacOS · Issue #15744 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

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