In command mode, arrow key up and down doesn't change selected cells but scroll the page

Hi all, I updated jupyterlab to version 3.2.2. previously in command mode, tapping arrow key up and down on the keyboard in command mode just change the selected cell, but now the tapping up and down just scroll the notebook page instead, the selected cell no longer changes. Is this the expected behavior? How to change it back?

ok apparently it is a big In JupyterLab 3.2.2 can't use Arrows shortcuts · Issue #11412 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

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Yes, that is a regression. The next patch release (due very soon) should pick up the fix we made.

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I have the same issue!!! Hope this can be fixed very soon. It drove me crazy, the scrollbar!!!

I just released JupyterLab 3.2.3 on pypi which fixes this problem. A conda-forge package release is in progress.