Changing in-call key bindings for copy/paste/back-one-word/forward-one-word using JupyterLab config

Hi! I’ve been trying to customize the JupyterLab key bindings for copy, paste, back-one-word, forward-one-word because I am now using a Mac and have successfully remapped those commands on the system but JupyterLab does not respect the system keybindings. Can these in-cell navigation commands be edited in the settings config? and if so, how? I have searched far and wide for an example of the config being modified for these commands but can’t even find one where someone modifies ANYTHING to do with in-call navigation. I’ve started a StackOverflow issue here jupyter - JupyterLab key bindings on Mac: customize moveWordLeft/moveWordRight/copy/paste - Stack Overflow and the JupyterLab GitHub has at least one mention of being aware of the back-one-word, forward-one-word navigation while in cells: switch between tabs shortcut interferes with text navigation · Issue #1681 · jupyterlab/jupyterlab · GitHub

Anyone super fluent in the settings config language? Or is it maybe not even possible?