Jupyterlab ignores shortcuts overwrites system decfault

I am having a problem with jupyter lab.

I installed Jupyter Lab Version 3.3.4 on MacOS 12.3.1 (Monterey).

Juypterlab itself runs without any issues.

However, the MacOS system wide default keyboard short cut for switching between windows within the same application (⌘< (German keyboard)) gets overwritten by Jupyter Lab.

The default Jupyter Lab shortcut for this is “⌘,” on MacOS (US Keyboard layout I assume). On a german keyboard this is “⌘<”.

So, for example. Let’s say I have two browser windows (not tabs) then on MacOS you can switch between those two windows by pressing “⌘<” (“⌘,” respectively).

This is a MacOS system wide default and works fine with any application.

But, when I open Jupyter Lab (which I always run in a separate window) and then pressing “⌘<” (“⌘,”) I do not switch to the next browser window but instead the Jupyter Lab “Settings” tab opens.

Now, I should be able change this shortcut in Jupyter Lab, however this does not work. Jupyter Lab neither shows this keyboard shortcut (“⌘<” instead it shows “⌘,” as being assign in Settings->Keyboard Shortcuts) nor does it save any shortcuts that I have modified even when those changes are edited in the JSON file with the “JSON settings editor”. For example I tried to disable “⌘,” which is ignored, not saved.

This is an odd behaviour and I think this is a bug, because previously I did not have any of these issues with Jupyter Lab.

How can I make Jupyter Lab make to ignore or not overwrite the system wide default shortcut “⌘<” (“⌘,”)?

Thank you