TLJH Mounted Drive Write Permission


I’ve just set up a TLJH and I’ve managed to add a shared folder to each user’s home-directory by using the symbolic link method described in the docs.

But even though I changed all the permissions with chmod +wrx, I cannot edit the files (I can see & execute them though).


So, how do I give TLJH users write-access to the mounted drive?


your permissions indicate that only root has write access. As all TLJH users are added to a jupyterhub-users group (, you could change the drive’s group owner to jupyterhub-users with something like:

sudo chown -R root:jupyter-users /mnt/my_mounted_drive/

(of course you need to adjust the path to your drive), and then give the group write permission:

sudo chmod -R g=rwx /mnt/my_mounted_drive/

And one word of caution: in your example you are sharing a notebook. As all users access the same file, it will create an absolute mess when they all open and modify that notebook. This is why usually users don’t get write access on such a shared location.




Thanks, that worked!

Though the command is:
sudo chown -R root:jupyterhub-users /mnt/my_mounted_drive/

I used this for my shared data drive, but created a shared code folder where only I have rwx access and all others only have rx access with this command:
sudo chown -R jupyter-mtrl_scientist code

This avoids the problem you mentioned where multiple people have write access to the same notebooks.