Access to all files on host

Hi! I want to use TLJH so several people can work on one machine at the same time. Lately we used Jupyter Lab, but it works with collisions so we decided to switch to TLJH.

Problem: we need to see whole file system in the interface, we can’t manually download files (there are too much of them) or use just one shared folder. It would be perfect to see it like in Jupyter Lab, with no restrictions (also with rwx permissions).

Since I can’t find related information in manual or here, any insights will be appreciated

Up to my knowledge there is no “teacher view” for JupyterLab on JupyterHub. Any admin has, in addition to the admin panel, a very normal user view. Therefore, I guess you need to start a separate JupyterLab instance from the command line that serves the directory which contains all “student accounts”, e.g. /home/. This could either be done manually or you could automate it. Still this sounds like the more complicated solution.

A shared folder is I guess the way to go. There is an entry in the manual at which describes different options.

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