Share environment and files with new users

Hello everyone!

I would like to get some clarification on shared environment and folder on jupyterhub.

I have deployed jupyterhub (tljh) on a VM, and have manually installed all the required packages that i need to run my code.

  1. Is it possible to create a link to connect to local file in my computer rather than uploading each file.
  2. I am able to run my code with my account, i would like to know when i add new users as admins how can i share my packages and environment and make sure they are also having the same environment and packages. with the help of this guide (Share data with your users — The Littlest JupyterHub v0.1 documentation) i have created a folder name “scratch” which is accessible by the other users in their home directory but is not accessible by me. how can i have a folder that is accessible by all users including me?
  3. I am also unable to change password as it give an error while i try to access (<your_server_ip>/hub/auth/change-password) [500:internal server error]. I read that it can be a bug, but if there is any fix to it. Please do let me know.

I hope some of you may have implemented what i am trying to implement here and could provide some valuable inputs for my issue.

Thank you in advance.

Have a great day!

There are issues with making this work cleanly. But I have put together a passable solution which you can access in my repository tljh_grp_utils. There is more information and links to other discussions of this there.

Hope you find this useful.

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Thanks for the response, is there any way to share environments between users to avoid manually installing each package?

You will have to read the instructions for JupyterHub carefully. You can create multiple kernels and make them available. Then your users would have to pick the appropriate kernel for each notebook. For my classes, I simply have a single kernel for the hub. Thus everyone gets the same kernel.