Jupyterhub need help adding users, groups and shares

Hi there,

currently I’m trying to help a coworker to set up his Jupyterhub notebook installation for use in educational courses at a university. These people learn to use mainly Python in this course through Jupyterhub. My coworker needs a way to add new users that don’t have admin permissions. These new users should have access to a shared folder. Every course should have access to it’s own shared folder. I know very little of Jupyterhub, that’s why I thought this could be solved with a little bashscript to add users, add groups and add shared folders. My script for that is here --> https://pastebin.com/NkFWr3Sq, but currently it doesn’t work. I think one problem could be that I use standard Linux commands like useradd. I read in the docs there is a tool called TLJH. TLJH could maybe do what is needed here, but I struggle to understand it’s documentation https://tljh.jupyter.org/en/latest/howto/admin/admin-users.html to create new users that don’t have admin priviliges. Or am I doing something completly wrong here and Jupyterhub can already do, what my coworker needs? Any help would be very appreciated.


There are 2 main flavors of JH deployment, Z2JH and TLJH. TLJH is fairly easy to deploy a admin for this type of small group training.

We currently have a home folder per user plus a shared folder for every user. Are you using the cloud to deploy this or in-house? Also, I would recommend using a different Identity provider than the default one. For instance we have all our JH federated with Gitlab, or Google or AWS Cognito.

I’m not sure which deployment flavor is used. I have no insights about the installation or configuration. I know that the Jupyterhub is running on the privat server of that already mentioned coworker. He pointed out to me where the web gui is to log in and I figured out where a terminal is in that webgui. I have Adminrights but the webgui holds next to no information about it’s system. I can start and stop servers and add or edit users.

As far as I know he plans to hold lectures and students should log in through that webgui to access a shared folder for that course to write there python there. Every group should have only access to there groups shared folder. It is not an issue to add every student by hand as there is no information if these students have accounts elsewhere that could be used as an idp.

Now I know my coworker configured his Jupyterhub using TLJH running Ubuntu without Kubernetes and without Docker. So all Jupyterhub instances share the ressources of the Ubuntu pc. Could somebody help me to get my script working for this configuration?