Update Hub for all users

I’m quite new to the JupyterHub environment and just set up my first Littlest JupyterHub. I am however encountering some issues.

My goal is to make “shared” folder with some standard documentation which all users can then access to copy out/refer to. I could get this to work - now however it only appears for new users - not those already existing.

Additionally when I remove a user (sudo userdel) the folder of the user remains in the home directory

I’ve searched for something like “updating users” but cannot seem to find anything in this area, as well as resetting the hub environment but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi! I’ve just tried creating a shared folder on TLJH as an admin, and made it readable and writable by the jupyterhub-users group.

Could you tell us exactly what you did to create your shared folder? Ideally enough detail for someone to recreate your problem from scratch. Thanks!

Hi Manics,

Yes - so I set up the littlest jupyter hub. Then to add a folder to the home directory which can be shared among users:

sudo mkdir -p /srv/data/my_shared_data_folder

cd /etc/skel

sudo ln -s /srv/data/my_shared_data_folder my_shared_data_folder

Following option 2 as suggested here: Share data with your users — The Littlest JupyterHub v0.1 documentation

Creating the folder works well and I can add items to this folder which all users can see - but just new users (added after the folder and contents are created) Even on my own admin account on the hub I cannot see this folder - however navigating into the location where it is created it does show up

/etc/skel is only used to populate new users- if it automatically modified existing users there would be a high risk of conflicting changes.

To update existing users your best option is probably to write a script that loops through all user home folders, and creates the symlink if it doesn’t exist.

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