TLJH Share Data with users

i have trouble with sharing data within TLJH. I have a fresh install and i followed this HowTo and there Option 2 and 3: Share data with your users — The Littlest JupyterHub documentation

But it doesnt work as expectet:

Option 2:

sudo mkdir -p /srv/data/lessons

in /etc/skel

sudo ln -s /srv/data/lessons lessons

New users have a folder lessons but i (admin) can not create Notebooks there or move them there.

so i tried
Option 3:

sudo mkdir -p /srv/scratch
sudo chown  root:jupyterhub-users /srv/scratch
sudo chmod 777 /srv/scratch
sudo chmod g+s /srv/scratch
sudo ln -s /srv/scratch /etc/skel/scratch

But then newly created users can move data from other users to their home folder.

What i want to achive is the following:

As the teacher i want to have a folder where i can put multiple notebooks (+ subfolders if possible) for the students. The students should not be able to delete, change or move the provided data. Copying is ok!

Can anybody give me a hint where to look? Option 1 sounds to complicated for me and the students…

Thanks in advance

You should be able to move/copy a notebook there using sudo. What have you tried?

Yes, with sudo I can copy files into the folder. I had expected a different behaviour. I thought I could then work in the folder and the students would see this immediately.
Another problem is the error messages the students get when they try to copy the notebooks. Since I have beginners in class, every error message is unpleasant at first.

Maybe I should write what I want:
As a teacher, I would like to provide the students with the appropriate notebooks for each lesson/assignment. I want to allow as few user errors as possible. It should be rather “idiot-proof”.
My plan was to map a kind of curriculum in the notebooks and then let the students work through it themselves.

I can also make the notebooks available somewhere else, but then I can’t link them to each other or that will often go wrong.
It would be nice if the students could simply make a copy in TLJH.

Maybe I should use nbgitpuller after all… However, I expect very big problems because of our school network. If git only uses port 80/443 then it would work, but I don’t think so. Everything else is blocked here at school. And since I can’t get new software onto my computers in the near future, I want to use JupyterHub. I come from Germany and our former chancellor said in 2013 that “the internet is new territory for all of us”. Unfortunately nothing has changed in schools since then.

Thanks says

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I think nbgitpuller is the best solution.

Git supports multiple protocols. E.g. git clone will use https/443, git clone will use ssh/22

I have managed to get nbgitpuller running in the end. It’s quite a lot to learn to get it working safely. As a teacher you are not necessarily a professional in everything …

I just put a Jupyter notebook in /etc/skel where the nbgitpuller link is included. The students can then update my folder whenever I say so.
My fear that this can’t work was of course nonsense: Jupyter and Github are outside my school network.
Thanks for the support.