TLJH: User created notebooks are not editable by admin

installed tljh in Ubuntu 20.04 and created three users

  1. admin (created as part of the vm initialization)

  2. user1 (created from admin front end)

  3. user 2 (created from admin front end)

    A notebook directory name Projects was created and shared with user1 and user2 as described in Share data with your users — The Littlest JupyterHub v0.1 documentation

Expected vs Actual behaviour

The two issues are,

  1. The notebooks must be visible to admin and users, but its only visible to users. I was able to solve it by creating symlink and made it visible using the following command

sudo ln -s /srv/Projects /home/jupyter-admin/Projects

  1. The notebooks created under this folder by individual users are only editable by users and not by admins.
    How to modify these notebooks access, to make them editable by admin users.