Permission denied when moving file


We are preparing several Python courses for children and we chose TLJB because it is very user-friendly and can be easily managed by the administrators.

Although I am very happy with the solution, I have one problem and one question, that I have tried for hours to solve, but without success (mostly first one…):

  1. PROBLEM > I created a read-only shared folder in Linux and created a link to each user’s /home so I can always update the learning content for the kids. Everything works fine, the kids can see, access and read the shared folder. The idea is that they always move the lesson they need to their home folder so they can edit it. The only problem is that every time the user moves something from the shared folder to the /home folder, JuypterHub gives the error message “Permission denied” (this is also seen in the server logs), but then when you click “OK”, the file is still moved to the /home folder. It works, but it’s very annoying/confusing for the kids. Is there any way to fix this or turn off the notifications?

  2. QUESTION > The second thing is not really a problem - I just want to ask if it is possible to change the default folder of the “move” path (when user presses “Move” button to have some other path). I would like it to always point to the user’s /home folder. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

How to reproduce

  1. Have a read-only folder.
  2. Have a user without write-permission for this read-only folder
  3. Move anything inside this read-only shared folder to your /home folder

My set up
The-littlest-jupyterhub, standard setup, installed with official instructions.

newest Ubuntu

newest the-littlest-juypterhub, installed


This error makes sense- users can’t move a file from the read-only folder they don’t own, but they can copy it. Depending on how it’s implemented a move might actually be a copy (allowed) followed by a delete (prohibited).

Both of your issues are are related to the user-interface rather than JupyterHub or TLJH in particular. I don’t know of a way to do modify the interface in the ways you want, but if you tell us which singleuser server you’re using (e.g. Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab, and the version) someone else might have some ideas.

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