How to set up up group specific writeable folders

Hey all,

We have an idea for a data science application where jupyterhub is central.

The core idea is for users to create projects on our application and work in teams, each project will have a shared folder in jupyterhub. Each project folder should only be accessible/visible to its team members, and each team member can edit files in that folder.

I’m new to JupyterHub but I’ve figured out how to create folders, create ‘groups’, and add users to the group through TLJH API, however, I’m struggling to envisage how to create group-specific folders which are writable to all members.

If anyone has any ideas on how to set this up, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks in advance

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If you’re using TLJH your Jupyter users are also users on the operating system. You can therefore use standard Linux users, groups and permissions to create directories that are readable/writeable by one group.


Love the simplicity, thank you!

If you have not already found it, take a look at The littlest Jupyter Hub Group Utilities for one implementation.