Thoughts about new direction and proposed changes at NumFOCUS?

Anyone else have concerns about the proposed new direction of NumFOCUS? I finally watched the recording from Monday’s Town Hall and I’d love to talk / read, be it in public or in private.

Video Link: NumFOCUS Town Hall Recording Passcode: NFtownhall2024-12-02

There’s a repo with some notes GitHub - numfocus/TownHallCommunityFeedback: A place to collect questions concerning NumFOCUS's Strategic Direction and Vision

and this specific issue has a link to slides and a transcript of the meeitng: Slide Deck and Audio File · Issue #3 · numfocus/TownHallCommunityFeedback · GitHub

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One concern regarding NumFOCUS 501(c)6 status. Here’s a clip from 2017 about another 501(c)6:

The Linux Foundation was formed when two black holes of bureaucracy combined to form Voltron of bureaucracy… and when they combined, the focus shifted from maintaining this standard, to asking donors for money.

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