NumFOCUS summit session on Money and Open Source Culture

Hey everyone,

At the upcoming NumFOCUS summit (November 2-3, 2019), Ralf Gommers is coordinating a session titled “Money and Open Source Culture: How Funding Can Change Your Project” at the upcoming NumFOCUS summit and has invited me to participate on behalf of Jupyter. Here’s Ralf description of it:

The session is about ways that paying people to do work that has otherwise been done on a volunteer basis can change your project, affect contributor relationships, and impact governance. As one of the projects with the largest amount of paid people, and noticeable tensions in the Jupyter team/community related to this topic, I think the perspective/lessons of Jupyter are interesting.

The format for the session is a moderated panel, starting with some short introductions to the topic by the panelists (2-4 min, slides optional) followed by questions/discussion.

If you have thoughts or feelings about this that you would like me to represent at the meeting, please reply here or reach out to me directly (pi @ berkeley . edu)


Thanks for representing the Jupyter community Paul!