Open Collective for Jupyter

I am curious if we could start an Open Collective for Project Jupyter. It gives a way for people to start funding the projects in a grass roots manner that is a little bit more user friendly than contributing directly to NumFocus. They recently announced an integration with Github Sponsors.

Spyder has had luck with their Open Collective, raising enough money to hire some junior devs to work on the project.

We could either use NumFocus as the fiscal sponsor or if that is too much hassle then just the default “Open Source Collective” (which takes a 5% cut).

Even if we don’t know exactly how the money would get spent currently, it wouldn’t hurt to put it out there and see what the reception is like!


I definitely back this idea! (Spyder core dev here!)

The Spyder team has always seen Jupyter as a huge and very influential partner!

A couple of years ago the team was having a hard time with funding and finding devs that could work on the project. As a desperate last effort we launched to see if there was interest in the project, and with the support from different people the project we could finally hire some junior devs that kept the project alive (as @saulshanabrook pointed out),

We are in much better shape now, but we had many dark times when we were about to loose hope!.

This is a screenshot from my inbox Today.

It is not much, but every drop counts, and even thought the Jupyter team might be taking some time to develop a governance model, it really does not hurt at all to start a collective and see how users and people all over the world using and relying on Jupyter for their daily workflows, respond.

It takes time to create momentum and projects like webpack can brag about this level of funding:

Anyway my 2 cents :wink: !

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I think this is great idea, I opened up a similar issue about this a few months back but didn’t get much traction:

This is something I’d be happy to brainstorm with others!


I think one of the key factors on having a sponsor button point to NumFocus donate button vs. have it point to open collective, is that the open collective platform, model, and effort to make every expense transparent makes it a much more appealing option for donors.

As @saulshanabrook pointed out, the fiscal sponsorship could be handled by NumFocus anyway, but the platform (which is what I believe is a big plus) would be open collective.

Also on open collective it is very clear who (person/company) is donating and how much, which also adds to the trust of the platform. OC themselves are very open in general

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I am happy with either one - I don’t have strong opinions about the particular platform used for taking in donations, I just pointed out the NumFocus page because it already exists. I’m happy to support any efforts to set something like this up one way or another.

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We are looking for an improvement of the LDAP plugin to get the GID into jupyterhub. So we want our users to get LDAP UID/GID and we would be willing to pay the full cost of it. How could we speed this up a little bit?